I recently (about 2 weeks ago) started having random lag spikes while playing games. I only . really notice it while playing online video games with friends, and i can tell that it is a ping issue not a frame rate issue. My Discord is also affected. My friends recommended that i reinstall my NVIDIA drivers, but to no effect.

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Discord causing ping spikes

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My discord will go from 3 green bars to 1 red one. It is just like the connection briefly drops and picks right back up. What is weird is that ping that it spikes to normally itself isn't ever "laggy" for me, but when my ping spikes to.

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Hey guys, I have some serious issues with my internet... As you can read in the title, my ping, and therefore my connection, is fluctuating. Display Settings > Power Settings > Additional Power Settings > Choose What The Power Buttons Do > Shutdown Settings > Turn on fast startup (recommended) and to deselect that option. He explained that this might also cause some performance issues, and that he's heard some other people had issues from that setting before. My Computer. 2 days ago I ran into a BSOD because of Valorants Anti-Cheat "Vanguard" It's known to be broken and all so I sucked it up, chose to reset my PC but keep files and just re download the rest. All seemed well, Until I try to talk into discord and play online games. My ping spikes randomly out of nowhere even though my internet speeds are really good.

A few times over the last week the server seems to have decreased connectivity - resulting in large ping spikes which sometimes make it unplayable. OK - Im in Australia so not that close but usually I have no trouble. Ive checked my internet connection - its not at my end. Lost data is usually called packet loss and several instances of packet loss are responsible for lag spikes or Discord green but no sound-related problems. It also shows your ping during the process which gives you numerical values that shouldn't be too far from each other if the ping is stable and not too high if you have a good connection speed. Also: ping to outside and in general on speedtests are pretty low, so this seems to happen only when playing Fortnite. That can often cause spikes, due to weather conditions, too many people on that tower, etc... I have some friends who have wireless internet, that is all they can get due to location.

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Fix #06 - Lower Your Graphics Settings. Often, graphics settings can come in between your games. If your graphics settings are far above or lower than what the game supports, then you will eventually face some lag spikes. To lower the graphics settings: Create a shortcut of POE, right-click on the shortcut then click on Properties. Discord; ALL POSTS. MrKeppy · 7/14/2021 in General. I have Ping Spikes in Ranked does any one else has them too? I have ping spikes only in ABA and only in Ranked, its like you have normal ping (60ms~) and every 10 seconds there's a spike increase (400ms~), does anyone else have this problem? ... It's cause Roblox's server support is shit rn.

But, now, the new ping issues in Halo Infinite have another reason behind it. Apparently, there are some players taking advantage of an exploit in the geo-filtering system, according to an official confirmation. New reported Halo Infinite high ping issues. According to reports, the high ping issue in Halo Infinite is troubling many players.

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