Kansept EDC Tac. https://imgur.io/a/ZkYdJ0j Time Stamp. https://imgur.io/a/5QOjz42 Gallery. Titanium/Timascus frame, S35VN blade. A condition, never used or taken apart. SV-$260 No trades. 1 comment. share. ... Urban EDC F5.5 (SV: $194) - m390 and brown micarta, I love these little things. But they're just a bit too little and I grab my Para 3.

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Kansept edc tac

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Kansept Open Box/Return Kansept EDC Tac Folding Knife Titanium/Timascus Handle S35VN Plain Edge Satin Finish K2009A8. Rating Required. Name Review Subject Required. Comments Required. $414.00. $289.00. $230.00. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity: Add to Wish List. Create New Wish List; description. Customer. Shopping for Cheap EDC Tac K2009 at Kansept Knives Store and more from on Aliexpress.com ,the Leading Trading Marketplace from China.

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K2009A6 - Kansept EDC Tac, Couteau pliant de type Button Lock. Longueur fermé de 10,8 cm. Lame en acier CPM-S35VN. Longueur de lame de 7,8 cm. Epaisseur de lame de 3 mm. Plaquettes en G10 et aluminium. Montage sur roulements céramique. Clip titane. Poid de 105g.

K1018A2- Kansept Kmaxrom Pelican EDC, Couteau pliant de type framelock. Longueur fermé de 10,2 cm. Lame en acier CPM-S35VN. Longueur de lame de 7,6 cm. Epaisseur de lame de 3,5 mm. Plaquettes en titane 6Al4V. Montage sur roulements céramique. Lockbar insert. Clip titane. Poids. Product Description. Kansept Knives EDC Tac Button Lock (K2009A4) -3.1"Damascus Blade, Blue Titanium Handle with Carbon Fiber Inlay. This Kansept EDC Tac 2009 is a small gentleman folder with a tactical approach. With a size that makes it fit in your pocket , as a dress up or working knife, it's designed for your daily cutting.

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Limited Edition 55/320 EDC TAC - MIKKEL WILLUMSEN DESIGN The standout feature on the EDC TAC in relation to the rest of the Kansept lineup is that it is the first knife in their catalog with a button lock. This button lock works just like you’d expect it to: once the knife is open (either via a squareish flipper tab or. Kansept Knives EDC Tac Damascus folding knife, purple . $243.87. Ships to: USA . Brand: Kansept Knives . Item: EDC Tac Damascus, purple . Item #: K2009A4. Availability: The product availability information is always up to date. In stock + The item is in. Add to cart. Quick view. EDC Tac K2009A5 Button Lock Front Flipper Damascus Blade Blue Rose Carbon Fiber and Titanium Handle. $257. Add to cart. Quick view. EDC Tac K2009A3 Button Lock Front Flipper Damascus Blade Shred Carbon Fiber and Titanium Handle Mikkel Willumsen Design. $285. Add to cart. .

Kansept Knives EDC Tac Linerlock Damascus blade and blue anodized titanium handle. $188.00. Kansept Goblin Bronze Titanium Gray Titanium Handle , CPM-S35VN Steel Blade FREE SHIPPING ... *Kansept Knives* Slip Joint Bevy K2026SW 154CM Blade Spider Print Orange G10 Handle Halloween Limited Edition FREE SHIPPING. $81.00.

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